Primary 1 Admission Interview Workshop

Primary 1 Admission Interview Workshop (Trilingual) (Ages 4-5)

The workshop helps students to fluently use English, Mandarin and Cantonese during their admission interviews. It focuses on training and improving the students’ common sense and reasoning skills, adaptation skills, ability to form phrases and express ideas, ability to follow directions, storytelling skills, interview etiquette and attitude.

*Mock interviews are designed based on interview formats and questions used in real primary schools and students will be given an assessment report after attending them.
*A seminar on the primary school place allocation system will be arranged for parents, with experience sharing on how to help students choose and prepare for a suitable primary school.
*80% attendance is required for completion of the class. Students will be awarded a Certificate upon completion.

English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Duration: 60 mins
24 lessons in total

*Discount Package(A) : Concurrent enrolment: 2 students (10%); 3 students (15%); 4 students & up (20%)
*Discount Package(B) : Concurrent enrolment: 2 classes (10%); 3 classes (15%); 4 classes & up (20%)

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