Pre-Nursery Class

These playgroups, designed by experienced nursery and kindergarten teachers and administrators, are created based on the toddlers’ everyday experience and toddlers will be expected to learn about the everyday environment and matters through a systemic approach. We provide a safe, comfortable and relaxing setting for the toddlers to learn and develop their social, language, emotional and cognitive skills.

Mighty dino class (24-36 months) (Year-round regular class)

– The class format is designed based on the Pre-Nursery Class (PN Class) at kindergarten and nurseries so that the students can familiarize themselves with these PN classes. The class will take it one step further than before by adding new learning themes: the weather, the seasons, transportation and festivals & holidays, etc. In doing so, the children’s vocabulary can be increased and their speaking skills are further developed. Also, as in the preceding stage, training in the students’ self-management and discipline will be stepped up to prepare them for kindergarten life.

*Each student will attend the class on their own.
*Students will be given a report on their learning progress upon completing each stage of the playgroup. Students will be awarded a completion certificate after 6 months’ enrollment and 80% attendance rate.

Native English and Native Cantonese Teacher
Duration: 120 mins, 6-8 students per class
(Year-round regular class)
2 days per week 3 days per week 4 days per week
$1,900 / month $2,800 / month $3,600 / month

*Parents are free to choose the number of classes they wish to attend per week. Please check with our staff for the timetable.
*Discount Package(A) : Concurrent enrolment: 2 students (10%); 3 students (15%); 4 students & up (20%)
*Discount Package(B) : Concurrent enrolment: 2 classes (10%); 3 classes (15%); 4 classes & up (20%)

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