Oral English Story Telling Class

Oral English Story Telling Class (Ages 4-6)

The class uses story books as the vehicle for students to learn English and cultivate their reading habit. Students will be listening to and reading different types of stories to learn English vocabularies and usage; and to develop their English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Other features of the class will include phonics learning, children games, role playing, listening exercises, group discussions and writing practices. Students will be immersed in an English environment during the class and learn to express themselves, state and describe things, pose questions and take directions using simple English in a suitable tone and manner.

*80% attendance is required for completion of the class. Students will be awarded a Certificate upon completion

Duration: 60 mins

*Discount Package(A) : Concurrent enrolment: 2 students (10%); 3 students (15%); 4 students & up (20%)
*Discount Package(B) : Concurrent enrolment: 2 courses (10%); 3 courses (15%); 4 courses & up (20%)

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