Fun Phonics Class

Fun Phonics Class (Ages 4-6)

The Fun Phonics Class is designed based upon the well-known Letterland Phonics. Widely used in kindergartens and primary schools in England, Letterland Phonics is a learning program, which uses phonics pictograms, vocabulary-themed stories and characters to teach students the letter sounds and allow them to progress to word building. Through role-play, story-telling and singing with the foreign/native English tutors, the students are taught phonics, and spelling and writing skills.

*80% attendance is required for completion of the class. Students will be awarded a Fun Phonics Certificate upon completion.

Duration: 60 mins
$195/1 lesson

*Discount Package(A) : Concurrent enrolment: 2 students (10%); 3 students (15%); 4 students & up (20%)
*Discount Package(B) : Concurrent enrolment: 2 courses (10%); 3 courses (15%); 4 courses & up (20%)

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