Cambridge English Class (Stage II)

Cambridge English Class (Stage II) (Ages: 5-6)

The curriculum focuses on developing the students’ Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. We aim at teaching them the use of phonics and spelling skills to learn new words; teaching them how to grasp the meaning of vocabularies and sentences before making a response and building their motivation and confidence in learning English.

*80% attendance is required for completion of the class. Students will be awarded a Cambridge English Class (Stage II) Certificate upon completion.
*Students can proceed to Cambridge English Class (Stage III) after taking this class.
*Students will be tested and given an assessment on their English competency before starting the class.

Cambridge English Class (Stage II)
Duration: 60mins
$250/1 lesson 48 lessons in total

*Discount Package(A) : 2Concurrent enrolment: 2 students (10%); 3 students (15%); 4 students & up (20%)
*Discount Package(B) : 2 courses (10%); 3 courses (15%); 4 courses & up (20%)

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